Sam Willoughby Architects Competition Architecture

Competitions provide an opportunity for innovation and creativity. Sam Willoughby Architects continues to look for interesting briefs and challenges to help develop design skills and research new technologies.

Competition Architecture Portfolio

Sports Hall, Yorkshire

RIBA Competition to design a new sports hall in Yorkshire, England.

The sports hall is made from a beautiful timber frame structure creating large angled roof spans that are the key feature in the building.

The inspiration behind the design came from the simple rural architecture in the surrounding area.

AC-CA Bridge, Amsterdam

SWA’s competition entry for a new pedestrian / cycle bridge with cafe and bike storage facilities for Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam. The design is based on a double helix structure to provide a rigid frame that the bridge can be hung from and spans nearly 90m.

British Home Awards

Competition entry for British Home Awards for a home of the future. The design will achieve the highest level (level 6) set out by the code for sustainable homes and sustainability and is made from a timber frame with prefabricated building elements to allow for a flexible design that has a minimum build time. Working with Andy Wong

Desert Farm

Sam Willoughby Architect’s entry for water harvesting and food production tower for Evolo competition. This tower uses biomimicry to incorporate a textured material developed by looking at how the Namibian Fog Beetle condensates early morning fog in a desert, combined with solar still technology to harvest water in a arid environment.

This can is then used in a closed loop system that combines aquaponics and hydroponics to recycle waste streams from one into food for the other, allowing food and fish to be farmed.